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Titre: Défaut de drisse
Posté par: Jean-Michel le 28 Août 2017, 07:42:04
Attention, un défaut de couture aurait été constaté sur une drisse de sac Squirrel :
En essai de traction sur une drisse neuve (sac neuf) la drisse se serait désolidarisée de l'aiguille haute !

Il est de toutes façons toujours bon de contrôler complètement un sac neuf (et régulièrement ensuite). On a déjà trouvé il y a des années un extracteur neuf dont la couture tissu / résille s'était défaite de 10cm juste en test au sol ...

http://www.basejumper.com/cgi-bin/forum/gforum.cgi?post=2994560;page=unread#unread (http://www.basejumper.com/cgi-bin/forum/gforum.cgi?post=2994560;page=unread#unread)

Bons contrôles !

Titre: Re : Défaut de drisse
Posté par: Jean-Michel le 30 Août 2017, 21:33:23
Squirrel Service Bulletin

After inspecting the affected bridle that we recently wrote to you about, we have released the service bulletin attached.

To summarize: All available evidence suggests that this is a single occurrence and that no other bridles are affected.

We have improved the bridle design to make it easier to inspect the pin-hanger, and new replacement bridles are in stock. We would like to send you one. Please tell us what address you will be at in the coming week, and it will be shipped to you by FedEx in the next few days.

Your Shipping Address
Name / Company Name:
Postal Code:

If you have sold your container system to a third party, we would appreciate you passing this email on to the current owner.

Please disable your current bridle(s) by removing the pins.

Since you have read this far already, please allow us to say one more thing: Each and every Squirrel employee uses every piece of gear that we manufacture and sell. Our commitment to you, our customer, is intense and unwavering. Our quality control and inspection systems are designed to prevent this scenario from happening, and this single bridle was the result of human error in our production and secondly during our inspection process. These processes, along with all of our equipment, continue to evolve and improve.

Thank you,
-The Squirrel / Asylum Team