Gate to Eden


  • Lieu : Erzincan, Turquie
  • Orientation : Est
  • Hauteur : 685m
  • Matériel : Via ferrata kit
  • Posé : "Depending on how high the river levels are, different landing areas are available. With low water levels, you can land on either side of the river in the dirt. We walked the far side of the river and did not find any large rocks in the 5ft of dirt directly next to the river. If the water levels are high, it is difficult to buzz the road and still find a suitable landing area. We advise requesting that a boat be waiting in the water that can help pick you up in case you land in the river, even though the river is slow at this point."
  • Première :Ian Flanders, Scotty Bob, Matt Blank, Edi Guschall, Cam Tracey (SD), Maurice Mahieu(SD), Pierre Lebreton(SD), Eder Navacerrada(SD) and Cengiz Kocak (SD) July 2015. This was the first wingsuit BASE jump in Turkey.

Acces: 1h

Exit Coordonnées GPS: 39.266844, 38.484238

"There is now Via ferrata to the exit. Approach: The start of the hike is roughly at 39.268713, 38.492692.".

Terrain Profile:

The end of the first ledge is 140m down and 15m forward.

The fly-by spot of the road is at 39.269743, 38.492968

This is the laser profile:



26m/-135m (mistake?)






"Wind is strong after 10.00 am in summer days. Don’t know about the winter. Yet :)"