Jof di Montasio (Bivacco Suringar)

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  • Lieu : Sous le Bivacco Suringar sur Jof di Montasio
  • Hauteur : 1400m
  • Matériel : Rien
  • Posé : Landing in Dogna valley, nice clearing (swampy field) is at 46.453422, 13.410412. Alternative gravel road landings at 46.448372, 13.409879 and 46.457406, 13.412414. Good glide will get you to the fields by Casera Plan dei Spadovai restaurants (1250m vertical, 2.8km distance). Very poor cell signal in the valley, radios recommended.
  • Première :

Acces: 2h

Exit Coordonnées GPS: 46.435819, 13.427221, 2420m

Same parking as Monte Cimone at Altopiano di Montasio. Follow the tourist trail to Bivacco Suringar and scramble down a bit, a very nice & obvious exit is on the ridge below the Bivacco. Alternative exits could be explored on the jumper's right (bigger vertical but probably not as nice on top).

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