De Topo Paralpinisme
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  • Lieu : Turquie
  • Orientation : Nord
  • Hauteur : 860m
  • Matériel : Rien
  • Posé : Gravel parking next to the tunnel entrance and the road (1.3km distance, -860m) which is seen after 30 seconds of flight.
  • Première : Cengiz Kocak in 2020

Acces: 0:10m

Exit Coordonnées GPS: 36.560285, 32.810123

"The best way to drive the area is to get local help. Approach: An easy hike".

5-10min walk with 4x4.

45m-1.5h walk with a normal car.

Infos laser
Deniv Avancée Commentaire
173m 36m
217m 96m
330m 297m
688m 938m


Correct exit name is "Ceren".

Wind is strong after 10.00 am in summer days. In November it was ok all day long.